Destiny 2 changes how Xur works after 6 years

Xur is an integral part of the community in Destiny 1 and 2. He delivers exotic goods from distant systems to the Guardians and provides them with cryptic messages. Unfortunately, he is increasingly ignored by long-time players. Find out what Bungie has changed to make him more worthwhile here.

What was the problem with Xur? The Nine’s black market dealer supplied the Guardians in Destiny 1 with rare Exos that also had great stats. In Destiny 2, however, this was not the case. Xur was mainly used to get missing Exos for the collection. Armor with good stats? None.

Every now and then, Xur delivered some legendary god rolls or armor from past seasons, but these couldn’t persuade the Guardians to stop by. Bungie knew about this and therefore announced a major overhaul for the tentacle face. On June 7, 2024, the time had come, because from now on Guardians can interact with the dealer’s new range, but how good is it?

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Expanded offering, reputation rank and more!

What has changed? First, the location has changed. From now on, it will only be on the tower and it will also be marked on this map. Its locations are no longer scattered across the system on different planets.

It is marked with a symbol on the tower

His range has also changed. In addition to exotic weapons and armor, Xur now also offers catalysts that rotate after each visit. Legendary weapons and armor are also included as usual.

A big innovation is his reputation rank system, which is similar to that of the Cryptarch. You get reputation points when you spend Strange Coins with Xur. This gives you weapons, armor pieces and powerful upgrades.

This is what his range looks like now

The most interesting thing, however, is a change that has not yet been officially discovered. We used the tracking site to get a quick overview of what the Xur had to offer and we were amazed. According to the data, the black market dealer will even offer Ornate Armor – armor with guaranteed strong stats.

It is not yet known whether the armor will be offered for sale at some point, but for this reason alone the dealer could be worthwhile, especially for long-time players who want to complete their builds.

Is Xur worth it now? It depends on what you need. If you don’t feel like farming catalysts, you can visit Xur weekly to complete your collection. If the Ornate Armor is ever added to the range, long-time players will surely visit the tentacle face as well.

Please note that you will need Strange Coins to purchase items from Xur. These are randomly given to you from core activities such as Strikes, Gambit or the Crucible.

So you have to actively play to be able to buy from Xur, because his prices are incredibly expensive. But if you would rather know how the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga was ushered in, we have just the right thing for you: In Destiny 2 there is a mission for 12 players for the first time: It ends the story after 10 years