Destiny 2 Brings Secret Exo Quest For “Vexcalibur” – Throws Players Into A Futuristic Version Of The “Whisper”

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In Destiny 2, an NPC from the olden days is calling out for the Guardians’ help. Stuck in the Vex network, he’ll show you the way to a Season 20 Secret Exotic Quest called “NODE.OVRD.AVALON”. MeinMMO tells you where to find it and how it works.

Which exo quest has revealed itself now? Just last week, observant gamers discovered that Destiny 2’s grumpiest character isn’t dead.

  • Several Morse codes found in the game revealed strange messages: “STILL ### ALIVE ### INSIDE ### INSIDE ### THE ### NET ### IDIOTIC ### KIDS!”.
  • Visible clues were even discovered shortly thereafter. Former IO NPC vendor Asher Mir was found in the new activity Sub-Area: Restart. There he apparently existed as a Vex version, drawing attention to himself by waving.
  • Destiny 2’s grumpiest character isn’t dead – you can now let him insult you again

    On Tuesday, the daily Weekly Reset Day in Destiny 2, strange symbols appeared in the canyon of the European Death Zone. There were six new Vex cubes that revealed a combination lock puzzle and also the designation “M1R”.

    Before the mission appears on the map, you must first solve the puzzle with the Vex cubes

    So the contacts are real and Destiny 2 has apparently fulfilled the wish of some players, including the one on MeinMMO in Season 20:

    Would be nice if [Asher Mir] returns. Whether as an Awakened or as a Vex.

    wrote the player CandyAndyDE in the comments on MeinMMO

    This return is now a certainty: Asher Mir is indeed stuck in the Vex network and he needs the Guardians’ help. In return, he offers you an exotic called “Vexcalibur”, which Guardians can now earn in the new exotic mission “NODE.OVRD.AVALON”. But only if you prove and identify yourself as worthy assistants.

    Asher Mir is stuck on the Vex network

    This is how you earn the Exotic “Vexcalibur” in Destiny 2

    How to discover the secret quest: If you don’t have the Exotic Mission on the map yet, you must first discover the entrance. To do this, fly into the European dead zone and land in the gorge. There, the six Vex Cubes will immediately catch your eye.

  • The Vex Cubes are a numeric code lock.
  • Destroy them one by one with the Sparrow and activate the lock. But be careful – you only have 30 seconds to go from node to node.
  • Once done, the Vex Network reveals a new “Simulated Cave” accessible via the EDZ. If you can’t find the entrance, look up at the sky. A huge Vex vortex can now be seen there.

    Directly below is the entrance to the Vex network and the mission “NODE.OVRD.AVALON” and Asher Mir calling for help.

    A huge Vex vortex will mark the entrance if you succeed

    Cool mission with a splice-whisper feeling

    What awaits you in the mission: As soon as you step through the gate, you’re already in the middle of the Vex network and sizzling Radiolara. Now you have to explore the further way.

    The exotic mission is reminiscent of Season 19, where guardians were last able to play “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” to get the Exo “Revision Zero” – only that it doesn’t take place in space, but deep in the Vex network.

    Are you worthy to lead Vexcalibur?
    Destiny Editor’s Tip: We recommend trying the first run in “NODE.OVRD.AVALON” without instructions, that’s the most fun. Don’t worry, Asher Mir will keep appearing as the friendly Vex Harpy or his digital likeness to guide you in the right direction.

    Not much can happen to you. If you get stuck, do like Asher Mir. Allow yourself to be assimilated by the Vex and contact the Guardians with surly insults. If you then throw in a lucrative exotic, they’ll definitely get you out of there right away.

    Nexxoss Gaming provides you with a guide for the exotic glaive “Vexcalibur” and the quest if you ever get stuck:

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    2 in 1 – “Vexcalibur” is both a weapon and a key

    Vexcalibur opens gateways in the Vex network: It’s similar here, because “Vexcalibur” can also be crafted.

    In addition, the weapon also works as a key that will make things much easier for you in the Vex network. But only if you level the futuristic glaive and complete the individual quest steps.

    We’ve already played the activity and would describe it as a mix of the Splicer season Override Event and The Whisper.

  • Just imagine you are gambling in the middle of your device’s hard drive.
  • Along the way, you’ll do some pretty nasty jump sessions, like you did in The Whisper.
  • In addition, the engine of the network wants to wipe you out of memory forever.
  • So you have a lot ahead of you that needs to be practiced and mastered, because you shouldn’t just complete this mission once if you want to achieve everything. It also opens the gateways.

    Vexcalibur can connect to the access gates in the mission – so it’s a key!

    Once you’ve done that, you can salvage the exotic from the depths of the Vex network. A final visit to the HELM also unlocks the Weapon Pattern. Because Vexcalibur can be crafted and will bring you several advantages that have different functions and that are also helpful for further runs through the Exo mission.

    Have you already discovered and completed the Exotic Quest in Destiny 2? What did you think of them and, above all, what do you think of the gun? Write it to us in the comments.

    Vexcalibur appears to have appeared at just the right time. Because next weekend the new raid “Root of Nightmares” is just around the corner. Here the weapon could be a good option in the team thanks to its protective shield:

    8 powerful weapons in Destiny 2 that will give you a chance in Lightfall’s new day-one raid