Despite the European Football Championship, the biggest film of the year was released last week

Despite the European Football Championship the biggest film of the

Since last week, Inside Out 2 has been in cinemas. Just like its predecessor Inside Out, it is about the personified emotional world of a girl named Riley. What moviegoers will probably find relatable find, because despite the European Football Championship and all the other films, Pixar had the most successful film launch of the year so far.

More specifically, it is about the most successful opening weekend 2024 – an important metric in assessing film successes and flops. In the domestic US market, 155 million US dollars were taken in at the box office. Internationally, another 140 million, as The Numbers reports. This means that Inside Out 2 has long since recouped its budget of 200 million.

Inside Out 2: Huge international success for the emotional Pixar sequel

But Inside Out 2, directed by Kelsey Mann, isn’t just the biggest box office opening internationally and in the US. As Erik Davis of Rotten Tomatoes noted, it’s also the second biggest opening weekend of all time for an animated film. Only the superfamily from Incredibles 2 had a stronger start.


The emotions from Inside Out 2

In addition, it is the second most successful Pixar launch and hardly has to hide behind the mega success of Barbie (162 million) last year. Of course, not the whole world is as interested in the European Football Championship as Germany. But here too, Inside Out 2 was a complete success over the opening weekend despite football competition. With 827,500 visitors according to InsideKino, the animated film also in Germany the most successful launch to date in 2024.

If you imagine that the film could have been even more successful internationally without the Bolz competition, which is at least relevant here and there, that is not unsportsmanlike overall.

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New phase of life, new emotions: That’s what Inside Out 2 is about

Two years after Inside Out, Riley is 13 years old and is not only starting high school, but also entering puberty. Her hormones are going crazy and her emotions of joy, sorrow, anger, disgust and fear are given a whole new command center, in which completely new feelings are added: doubt, envy, ennui, nostalgia and embarrassment.