Desktop mode gets a little better with Android 15 [Video]

Desktop mode gets a little better with Android 15 Video

Under active development and testing Android 15 operating system Desktop mode gets a little better with is coming.

Since Android 10 in the Android operating system, “AOSP” is based on a desktop mode. “Samsung DeXThanks to this feature that works like Android phones can be turned into a PC by connecting to the monitor. This feature is not highlighted much in Android’s own solution, but it has been developed little by little for a long time. If it is with Android 15 operating system It is reported that the system will become more useful in terms of window management.. The latest infrastructure, which you can see in the video on the page, shows how effective multi-window management has become, allowing people to now have access to window management specifically. Menu options such as full screen, split screen and free movement are offered. The infrastructure, which automatically resizes windows when they are moved to corners, is still at a basic level, but can be very useful in some cases.


The Android 15 operating system will automatically turn on Bluetooth, which was turned off in beta versions. Version Mishaal Rahman As found by , it will come with a new feature that will allow Bluetooth to be turned on automatically one day after disabling it. Those who do not want the Bluetooth connection on Android phones to remain turned off because of this technology “Find device” Google, which receives help in many items, especially the process, may upset some people in this regard because Bluetooth may have a negative impact on battery life. Nowadays, most Android phone owners never turn off Bluetooth, and it is thought that ways to prevent Bluetooth from turning on automatically in the new era will soon emerge.

Meanwhile, it is among the new information that Android 15 may introduce an adaptive timeout option that automatically turns off your device’s screen when you are not using it. Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, Pixel 8 And Pixel 8 Pro Android 15, which can be tried on devices such as DP2 version It started to directly support the satellite connection / satellite messaging infrastructure. This support, which some manufacturers currently provide with their own systems, is directly Focuses on communicating in emergencies in areas where telephone reception is not available. It is stated that thanks to this infrastructure, applications can understand that a satellite connection has been established, and of course, SMS and RCS support is also included in the process.

DP2 version, which brings another layer of security Allows apps to detect when a user is screen recording and paves the way for appropriate protection methods. In this version, errors occur when switching between different contents. to help prevent loudness inconsistencies There is also a new loudness standard.

In addition, by making the “Do Not Disturb” mode more customizable, the company is also improving the PDF infrastructure, paving the way for the PDF viewing engine to be updated directly via Google Play and support for searching, selecting and editing PDFs. being developed.