Design video for Google Pixel Watch smartwatch has arrived

Disappointed before Google Pixel Watch smartwatch comes out

Google I/O 2022 Officially demonstrated under the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch is on the agenda again.

Previous leaks from Google at the I/O 2022 event Pixel Watch The smartwatch model was also shown. Google’s first smartwatch, which has been really expected for years, will be available in the fall, not immediately, but with the Pixel 7s. As you can see above, the product, which has a very stylish design, is on the agenda again today because the video above has arrived. With this video, the generally popular design of the watch was revealed from all angles. With this video, it becomes clear that Gorilla Glass is used in the phone, with a strap connection lock that works on the basis of rotation, again according to the video. is coming.

The smart watch had come to the fore with a development that disappointed many people before that. The watch was developed with Samsung for those who missed it. It is built on the next generation Wear OS operating system and can be used for fast payment via Google Wallet, which was also introduced within the scope of I/O 2022.


The product, which has a deep integration with FitBit, can track active sports like any current smart watch. Here’s to this hour as far as your strength It gives a full four-year-old Samsung-signed Exynos 9110 processor. Of course, this situation has created a great disappointment among those waiting for the model. Everyone thought that the product would come with a more powerful, up-to-date and efficient processor.

This processor preference seems to come from the fact that he started developing the clock a long time ago. GoogleWith the processor from 2018, it does not seem like it can deliver a performance that will exceed expectations. With this processor, it seems unlikely that the watch will offer an extremely long battery life or have very different features. Details of the smart watch, which is not yet priced, will appear soon.

As you know, Google’s Pixel products are not officially sold in Turkey. This is not expected to change in 2022. However, unlike other products, especially phones, the Pixel Watch model will come to Turkey especially through intermediary names.