Dental hygiene: are homemade scaling devices safe?

Dental hygiene are homemade scaling devices safe

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    Dr Jérémy Amzalag (Dentist specialized in Implantology and Periodontology)

    Like aligners that promise a perfect smile, promotions for homemade scalers are flourishing on social networks. But what about these curettes to buy online? Are they necessary to fight against tartar? Are they safe? The point with Dr. Amzalag, dental expert.

    Oral hygiene products are on the rise. On the networks, new brands are constantly promoting aligners, whiteners, or even ultra-design toothbrush models that you absolutely must have. It is in this movement that new bathroom essentials are now being promoted: home descalers. Practical, they promise to take down any nascent plaque with small, precise scrapings, diagram in support. Tempting, right? But is it really safe to do these things that are usually done by professionals? The question is valid.

    What is dental plaque?

    Plaque is the sticky, colorless coating of bacteria and sugars that forms on our teeth meal after meal. This dental plaque is the main cause of cavities and gum disease: the bacteria present in the dental plaque release acids which degrade the dental enamel. When this plaque persists and calcifies, it is called tartar. It is therefore essential to fight against dental plaque, day by day.

    The homemade scaler is not the most suitable

    Contacted for a medical opinion, Dr. Jeremy Amzalag, dental surgeon in Paris and expert of the Doctissimo committee, does not validate these devices that you can buy yourself and for several security reasons:

    “It’s more risky than anything else, because when you don’t have very precise control of the tool, which can be a bit sharp, you can injure the gums. There can even be what are called recessions, that is to say loss of the gum, if it is injured regularly.”

    On the hygiene side at home, the dentist also has reservations:

    “Using these curettes can also move tartar to deeper areas of the gumline, which will create inflammation and even infection. Without forgetting that at the dentist, as we eliminate the pie, we suck it up. At home, there is still the risk of ingesting this material”.

    Avoid dental plaque on a daily basis with simple gestures

    Except scaling, the dentist also reminds us that once formed, it is not possible to eliminate dental plaque. “But we can always delay its appearance as much as possible” he mentions.

    In itself, brushing 2 to 3 times a day when possible and the use of dental floss or interdental brushes are enough to delay plaque and keep teeth healthy and white. Mouthwashes and pressurized water jets can also complete this routine. “But they have no mechanical passage over and between the teeth. The ideal is really the use of brushes” concludes Dr. Amzalag, convinced.