Dental floss: no more flyaways and frizz!

Dental floss no more flyaways and frizz

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    Used to extract the dental plaque stuck between the teeth, dental floss would have another advantage: put an end to frizz and flyaways. New rather funny fashion, it nevertheless has many followers on social networks.

    Diverting objects and beauty products from their initial function: this is undoubtedly the new fad of TikTok users. The latest? The dental floss which, not content with eliminating dental plaque, now makes it possible to overcome flyaways and frizz. You had to think about it…

    Dental floss for the hair, why not…

    A true trend incubator, TikTok swears by tips and tricks of all kinds to make life easier for its hundreds of millions of users. And the cosmetics sector is not missing out. On the contrary, with the highlighting of new beauty gestures that are useful, effective, original, and sometimes totally eccentric, not to say dangerous. Don’t worry, that’s not the case with the “hair floss hack– understanding the trick of flossing for hair – whose hashtag has generated nearly 500,000 views to date.

    What is certain, users have been following one another for several weeks to stage this beauty trick, which consists, as you will have understood, of using dental floss to smooth and flatten stubborn hair. Everyone agrees with ecstasy that this trick works perfectly, congratulating themselves on having perfectly combed and cared for hair without any flyaways.

    The principle is quite simple. Once your hairstyle for the day is finished, with a nice parting in the middle please, you just have to grab a certain length of dental floss, and align it so that it is parallel to said line. Then move the yarn over your hair, from the top of the head to the ends. The result is rather surprising. Spikes, flyaways, and other frizz flattens with flossing, and it does so for a long time, according to users.

    Note that some also use it on stubborn hair which can spoil a more sophisticated hairstyle. It is then enough to pass the dental floss from the nape of the neck to the bun or the ponytail, then to wrap it around the elastic. A tip that does not look like much, but will probably be able to more than one person on a daily basis.

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