Denmark is phasing out eggs from caged hens

Denmark is phasing out eggs from caged hens

Published: Just now

fullscreen Now there will be a stop to building new cage facilities for hens in Denmark – and a ban on caged eggs from the year 2035. Stock image. Photo: Marit Hommedal/NTB/TT

Next year, it will be prohibited to build new caged chicken facilities in Denmark – and in twelve years, Denmark wants to introduce a total ban on eggs from caged hens.

Anyone who currently has caged hen facilities has twelve years to phase out the business. This means that the ban on caged eggs will not be introduced until 2035, reports the Danish news agency Ritzau.

– We would like to phase out cage eggs as quickly as possible. But we take into account those who have cage egg production, says the food minister’s Rasmus Prehn (S).

Several food chains in Denmark have already removed cage eggs from their range. In 2010, cage eggs made up 61 percent of total egg production in Denmark. Last year, the figure had dropped to just under 13 percent, according to official Danish statistics.

There are currently seven egg producers that keep hens in cages – and these account for almost every fifth egg in Denmark.