Denmark gets no shirt message

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It was supposed that the Danish footballers would have a message critical of Qatar on the chest of their training shirts.

But it will not be like that when Fifa (International Football Federation) says no to “Human Rights for All” being allowed to adorn the chest of the Danish jerseys.

This is confirmed by Jakob Jensen, DBU’s administrative director, for the news agency Ritzau.

“We got the message today,” he says.

— We sent an application to Fifa but it was rejected. We are disappointed by that, but something we have to take into account, he continues.

In November last year, DBU announced that the association’s sponsors had given space on the training clothes for political messages, for example for human rights.

Since then, DBU has decided that the national team should train in shirts with the message, but that this should be approved by Fifa and that has not happened.

“For me, this is a shirt with a simple message about universal human rights,” says Jakob Jensen.

According to Jakob Jensen, DBU can be punished with both fines and point deductions, and you don’t want to take that risk by defying Fifa.

— We must refer to the tournament rules that are imposed on us, says Jensen.