Denitsa Ikonomova: rumors of a relationship with François Alu

Denitsa Ikonomova rumors of a relationship with Francois Alu

Denitsa Ikonomova’s private life is regularly the subject of rumors. After Rayane Bensetti, the peoples media say that she would be in a relationship with François Alu, jury of Dance with the stars.

[Mis à jour le 26 novembre 2021 à 22h23] On the floor of Dance with the stars or among the jury, the private life of Denitsa Ikonomova is still talking. After rumors of a relationship with Rayane Bensetti, which has never been confirmed by either party, Here reveals that she would be in a relationship with a juror of the TF1 show.

According to media information, the judge of Dance with the stars = would be in a relationship with the new member of the jury François Alu. The media specializing in celebrity news quotes a member of the production of the TF1 dance competition: “From the first premium, we felt that the current was going very well between them. After three weeks, all those who rub shoulders with them backstage understood that they were together. ” However, the information has not yet been confirmed by the main stakeholders.

If she will no longer dance every Friday evening on the floor of the show, Denitsa Ikonomova is still of great interest to Internet users who have many questions about her private life. According to information from Here, the jury of Dance with the stars would have fallen under the spell of François Alu, who also works to judge the candidates of the TF1 competition in 2021. Neither one nor the other has confirmed this rumor .

Previously, rumors lent her a romance with Rayane Bensetti, with whom she was very close during the season they shared together (and which they even won in 2014). But Denitsa Ikonomova has never confirmed being in a relationship with the young actor seen in Clem and Tamara. Asked about her couple in 2021 by TV Mag, the dancer replied: “‘were we [en couple, NDLR]? “Enough to rule out any question on this subject.

Many Internet users were however convinced that the young dancer and her ex-partner from DALS were indeed in a relationship. In 2021, however, everything has apparently changed. In an Instagram story, Rayane Bensetti answered a question about his love life, explaining that “no”, he was not in a relationship. If he specified that he was still in contact with Denitsa Ikonomova, some fans noted that the two ex-partners of Dancing with the stars no longer followed each other on Instagram. That raised even more questions.

Note that Rayane Bensetti was also seen very close to actress Camille Lellouche. In an Instagram story published in April 2021, the two actors, visibly tipsy, evoked their relationship or even sexual intercourse (Lellouche downright launched an astonishing sentence “I suck you anyway!”). In this same story, they also exchanged a languid kiss. Pointed out, Camille Lellouche did not speak on the issue outside of a Instagram video sketch which seems somewhat to refer to the case.

For her part, Denitsa Ikonomova remains silent on this subject but it seems that the dancer and Rayane Bensetti are no longer very close. While they were spending their holidays together before, the young woman did not appear on Instagram in her company this year. In the summer of 2021, she went on vacation with Laurent Maistret (ex-candidate from Koh Lanta and winner of Dance with the stars on the arm of Denitsa) and other DALS dancers including Maxime Dereymez and Katrina Patchett. Very discreet about her private life, Denitsa Ikonomova has not formalized any relationship. It is therefore not known if she is in a relationship at the moment or not.

Born January 18, 1987, Denitsa Ikonomova is a dancer from Bulgaria. Raised in Sofia, she moved to Canada as a teenager where she joined a dance school in Montreal. Professional dancer, Denitsa Ikonomova joined the group of dancers who accompany dance stars with the stars from season 3 in 2012. To date, Denitsa has won Dance with the stars 4 times: with Rayane Bensetti, Loïc Nottet, Laurent Maistret and finally Clément Rémiens. In 2021, she now serves as a juror for the TF1 program. We have also seen her in other TF1 programs: in Tomorrow belongs to us (2018) as a guest then in Love at first sight in Andalusia, as choreographer of the dance scenes.

Denitsa Ikonomova is particularly known for the ten years she has spent in Dancing with the Stars since season 3. From 2012 to 2019, she acts as a dancer in the TF1 program. She has won the competition four times with her candidates: Rayane Bensetti in 2014, Loïc Nottet in 2015, Laurent Maistret in 2016 and finally Clément Rémiens in 2018. She has also danced with Taïg Khris (2012 season), Laurent Ournac (2013), Sinclair (2017) and Azize Diabaté (2019). In 2021, she goes to the other side of the stage since she is chosen as a jury for the dance competition.