Denis van Waerebeke explores the world of math in a web series

Denis van Waerebeke explores the world of math in a

Journeys to the land of math is a 5-episode web series created for the channel and YouTube by director Denis van Waerebeke. An educational, enlightening and fascinating dive that invites the curious to explore the dizzying world of mathematics.

In China, there is the Double Ten festival, every October 10th. In the country we are going to talk about today, we are already at the Triple Ten: 10 episodes of 10 minutes for 10 million views. It’s the winning trifecta of the animated web documentary of Denis van Waerebeke.

After the 5 episodes of Season 1, it’s time not for laughs and songs, but for 5 episodes of Season 2. The titles are intriguing: The Monty Hall problem », « Simpson’s Paradox », « Non-Euclidean geometries », « The tilings of the plane ” And ” Graph Theory “.

It is therefore into a surprising universe, that of mathematics, that the Franco-German cultural channel Arte continues to invite us. Denis van Waerebeke is the designer, author, co-director and voice.

He comes to tell us his Journeys to the land of math which are to be discovered on “” and “YouTube”.

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