demonstrations of support for “political prisoners” degenerate

demonstrations of support for political prisoners degenerate

In Bolivia, in several cities of the country on Tuesday January 10, rallies demanded the release of the governor of the Santa Cruz region, arrested on December 28 in the so-called “Coup d’Etat” affair. In La Paz, the administrative capital, clashes took place between protesters and groups who came to support the government.

With our correspondent in La Paz, Alice Campaignolle

They were a few thousand in La Paz, gathered in support of the far-right governor Fernando Camacho, imprisoned for a few weeks. He is accused of having fomented a coup in November 2019, against the former president.

The disgruntled claimed to be united for democracy, as this protester explained: “JI am in the street today because I am tired of the injustices of this government against its people. If someone dares to criticize the authorities, the first thing they do is put him in jail. »

Although gathered in a district of the southern zone of the city, rather in favor of the opposition, clashes with groups close to the government did not take long to break out.

We came to demonstrate peacefully! »

Racist insults from the side of the opposition demonstrators were heard, while the pro-government sought to do battle, armed with dynamite. This demonstration, however, was said to be non-violent. ” In truth I am indignant, said another protester. We came to demonstrate peacefully, but they are armed and they threw dynamite at us! »

In Santa Cruz, the rally ended with the announcement of future measures to unite the opposition at the national level, and for the release of those whom the demonstrators call ” political prisoners “.