demolition of a vast slum as part of “Wuambushu”

The noise of diggers at work this Monday morning May 22 in Mayotte, as part of Operation “Wuambushu”, an operation launched last month by the French authorities to, they say, fight against delinquency and illegal immigration. And this goes through the “decasing”, the destruction of shantytowns where these migrants, mostly from the Comoros, are installed. In Majikavo, in the northeast of Mayotte, where after a setback at the end of April, the operation to destroy the Talus 2 shantytown was indeed launched this morning.

With our special correspondent in Mayotte, Lola Fourmy

The police arrived last night in this informal district of Majikavo in the northeast of the island. That night, some tense exchanges took place between the gendarmes and some young people from the neighborhood, but no serious incident. And this morning Talus 2 is cordoned off by the police trucks, a lifting of doubt, that’s what we call the procedure, is in progress to verify that no baby has remained in a banga, this dwelling of sheet metal, in the words of the prefecture.

Residents of Talus 2 prepare for the destruction of their slum

Most of the 400 inhabitants who live there already left yesterday, they collected everything that could be collected all day, only a few children are still trying to return to the neighborhood. There is also Sophia, this mother whose house is going to be destroyed, she is installed facing the neighborhood and refuses to leave. ” I want to see until the end even if it hurts “, she confides. Methodically, the gendarmes therefore go through each banga with a fine-tooth comb, the electricity was cut two hours ago, and the diggers began to destroy the Talus 2 shantytown.

The informal neighborhood of Talus 2 which is the subject of a demolition operation, in Mayotte, on May 21, 2023.