Demi Moore, 60 years old, flat stomach and visible abs… She poses in a bikini and Internet users love it

Demi Moore 60 years old flat stomach and visible abs

At 60, Demi Moore still looks dazzling in a bikini. The proof with his latest Instagram publication.

Very active on social networks, Demi Moore does not hesitate to share moments of life with her 4.9 million subscribers. Proof of this is that she recently revealed photos of her family getaway in the American West. The opportunity for the 60-year-old star to show off her dream figure.

Demi Moore, stunning in a swimsuit

This Monday, October 30, 2023, Demi Moore raised the temperature on Instagram by revealing her toned figure in a swimsuit. She is to fall into a black bikini which allows him to reveal once again her ultra-flat stomach, her concrete abs, her firm arms and her tapered legs. A photo liked by more than 145,000 people in just a few days. “Amazing Demi, what is your secret to staying so beautiful and young?“, “It’s crazy. She is always beautiful“, “Gorgeous“, “Wonderful” some Internet users exclaimed in the comments. A successful success.

Demi Moore’s sports and eating routine

If Demi Moore has been able to maintain a slender body over the years, it is thanks to numerous physical exercises. In fact, his sports routine includes Bikram yoga, muscle strengthening, dance and cardio. In addition to all this sport, Bruce Willis’ ex-wife is also very careful about what she eats. She has not consumed cooked vegetables and carbohydrates for years and has also banned all animal products from her diet. And above all, she only eats food when she is hungry and stops as soon as she is full. The least we can say is that the efforts pay off!