Delivering T10X to 10 people, Togg shared a new video

Delivering T10X to 10 people Togg shared a new video

According to the shares made so far, the winners of the lottery 10 to the person T10X submitter togg, shared a new video.

In the latest delivery video, which you can watch below, shared by Togg, the following explanation was written: “Oltu in Antalya, Gemlik in Istanbul, Kula T10X suits Konya very well.” According to these delivery videos, the company, which has brought 10 people together with their vehicles so far, plans over 1,000 deliveries before the end of the month. “protocol” vehicles are also on the roads. In fact, it is among the information that has come to the agenda that a T10X has been turned into a police vehicle.

The short statement from the company for the video below on delivery was as follows:We delivered the T10Xs of our first users who won the right to order with the lottery. Good luck, good luck. ” In particular, the statement from Togg CEO regarding the first shipments made with this crowded staff was briefly as follows: “Wish you have a pleasant living space”

The video that came before this from Togg was this, and the following explanation was included in this video: “Our Gemlik-colored smart devices are on their way to Bursa, Isparta, Istanbul and Izmir, and Oltu to Kocaeli.”


The statement made by Togg regarding deliveries recently is as follows: had happened: “Our deliveries continue as promised. Our users, who have won the right to order with the lottery, will start meeting with their T10X on Sunday, April 30th. Stay tuned.” The sharing from Togg’s CEO on this subject was as follows:Our Togg family continues to grow and meet T10X users. on April 30 Before that, Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that they had unloaded the first mass production vehicles from the bands at the end of March, “Our promise on user deliveries was that it would start in April. As of the end of April, we will start user deliveries in the coming days.” he said. Karakaş stated that more deliveries will be made in May and June.We aim to deliver over a thousand vehicles in May.” said.

This is often the case these days Responding to the allegations that Togg’s first delivered vehicles were produced in Italy, KarakaşWe broadcast the construction process live. At least once a month, we showed both internal and external developments. On the other hand, this is the tech production center, we can’t live stream it 24 hours a day. The number of our employees has exceeded 2,000. Togg did not buy cars from abroad” he said. Gurcan Karakas, CEO of Toggin addition to all “We produced many vehicles and sent them for tests until the 23rd of March. We have produced over 300 vehicles. The number of vehicles we produce in mass production standards is over 200. We delivered 40 of them. We will have delivered 28 thousand vehicles by the end of the year.“He also made the statement.