defense minister under fire after greeting video

defense minister under fire after greeting video

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has been in the hot seat for months. His record is criticized by many, not just in the opposition. A video published this weekend adds to a long series of blunders and criticisms against the minister. The opposition demands his departure. In the majority, a heavy silence does not help matters.

With our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Thibault

Christine Lambrecht stands in a street in Berlin. The wind ruffles her. Firecrackers and fireworks ring out and cover his voice. The video of less than a minute was obviously made with a cell phone without technique.

Such a message would have been embarrassing for a volunteer village mayor. For a Minister of Defense of a NATO country, it is simply shameful » comments the daily Image Zeitung.

Lots of encounters »

Beyond this amateur video, it was also the minister’s words that shocked. The social democrat Christine Lambrecht evokes a war raging in Europe without citing Ukraine, the horror of the fighting and the responsibilities involved. The Minister of Defense in her report for 2022 speaks of ” many, many encounters with interesting and great people “. As if the war in Ukraine had first offered him professional opportunities.

The opposition is firing red balls at the minister and demanding her departure. Its balance sheet is widely denounced as very thin. Christine Lambrecht had no inclinations to fill this position. She has regularly held back aid to Ukraine where she has never been. Many experts wonder what she has done so far with the extension of 100 billion voted for the Bundeswehr.

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