Defense Minister Häkkänen does not consider the halls built near the Russian border to be a threat to Finland

Defense Minister Hakkanen does not consider the halls built near

Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen (co-op.) sees the halls erected in Alakurtti and Petroskoi as part of Russia’s normal operations. According to him, Finns have no reason to worry.

reported today that Russia has built large halls for military equipment near the Finnish border. It is clear from the satellite images that halls have been erected both at the Alakurt garrison and at the Petroskoi equipment depot.

Minister of Defense Antti Häkkänen (co.) assures that the information did not come as a surprise to Finland’s security policy leadership.

According to Häkkänen, the changes made in the garrison and the equipment depot do not pose a threat to Finland.

– We have been aware of the changes. The intelligence agency is very well informed about what is happening in the neighboring regions of Finland.

The changes have not been publicly announced before. According to Häkkänen, no abnormal activity has been observed near the border.

He states that Russia has committed its forces to the war in Ukraine.

Häkkänen: The coming years will show whether Russia will move forward with its plans

However, Russia has repeatedly threatened to respond to Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership. For example, last time in August Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that Russia plans to strengthen its armed forces near the Finnish border.

– Of course, these plans have been announced, and we are following them closely together with our allies. It will be a matter of the next few years whether the implementation of some of the plans will move forward. Finland is preparing for all different options, says Häkkänen.

The pair of pictures below show how Russia first built two new warehouses in Alakurtti. You will see the change when you slide the image.

The Alakurt garrison is located only 50 kilometers from the state border. The garrison is at the height of Salla. Petroskoi’s stock depot is Russia’s largest stock concentration near the Finnish border.

The garrisons behind the border have not been developed for a long time. Do Russia’s actions indicate that Russia intends to strengthen its armed forces on the NATO-Finnish border?

Defense Minister Häkkänen does not believe that the construction of the halls has any connection to Finland.

– The halls are certainly more related to the maintenance and servicing of the equipment and measures related to Ukraine.

According to Häkkänen, the construction of the halls is a matter of normal, internal Russian activity and does not increase the threat to Finland.

– What will happen in the next few years regarding the plans announced by Russia remains to be seen. Finland is strengthening its defense with its allies, and we are preparing for all scenarios.

According to Häkkänen, there is currently nothing in sight in Finland’s neighboring regions that would be a cause for concern. According to Häkkänen, there are no signs that Russia would seek to strengthen the garrisons located near the Finnish border.

– Finns can sleep peacefully at night, he emphasizes.