Defense innovation forum: when the army imagines the war of the future

Defense innovation forum when the army imagines the war of

From Thursday until November 27, the Defense Innovation Forum (FID) is held at Espace Champerret, in Paris. The army presents its latest innovations there, with more than a hundred futuristic projects on display.

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On November 25, 26 and 27, the “ Defense innovation forum »From the Ministry of the Armed Forces in Paris, at the Espace Champerret. This forum which will open its doors to the public on Saturday is the opportunity to discover the very latest military innovations of the moment. From the oxygenation device of a dog for parachute jumps at very high altitude, to the fast assault boat equipped withhydrofoils, through the securing of communications by the Blockchain, there is everything and in all military fields. In all, more than a hundred innovations are presented by as many start-ups supported by Defense Innovation Agency (AID).

In France, the latter has more than 1,000 innovative projects. These investments in research and development make it possible to prepare for the wars of the future. Inventions do not stop at the material and equipment to ensure defense in theair, land, sea and space. The Defense Innovation Agency is also positioning itself on the silent and invisible battlefields of cyberspace. With these innovations, the French army seeks to guarantee operational superiority and its autonomy against countries such as the United States, China, Russia, India, Japan and Israel which are also investing heavily in high defense technologies.

Here is the attack of General Hasdrubal, a futuristic sea battle based on drones and warships imagined by the creative minds of the members of the Red team defense. © Red Team Defense

The “Red team defense” to imagine the war of the future

And to imagine the war of the future by 2030-2060, the Defense Innovation Agency has also developed a unique project in Europe: The Red team defense. The army called on science fiction writers to imagine what the threats of the future could be and possibly find solutions to better anticipate them. It is not a question of foresight, but rather of feeding the strategic reflections of the French army around projections on geopolitical evolution, the consequences of global warming and the movements populations, or transhumanism. These scenarios from the minds of these creatives are classified defense secret.

At the show, innovations will be divided into six universe themes: winning the war before the war; support the fighter; innovate to transform; anticipate ruptures; build together; 60 years of innovation at the DGA. In addition to conferences and debates on many topics, such as artificial intelligence, quantum or news energies, many demonstrations will be offered on the various stands. The show is reserved for professionals on 25 and 26 and open to the public on Saturday 27.

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