DEF towards the green light, what Giorgetti said

Superbonus new squeeze arrives in CdM surprise

(Finance) – The spotlight is on the next Council of Ministers, scheduled for Tuesday April 9th ​​at 11am. The Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti confirmed that “within the first 10 days of April” it will come approved the Def.
In the Def “there will be interesting numbers anyway“, said the minister. “A bit of suspense”, he added to those who pressed him asking if the debt will be lower than that of 2023. “We do things according to the instructions we have received – he added -, in a context in which all these rules have not yet been defined and specified and cannot be applied, but this was easily foreseeable, given the complexity of the same and the complex situation of an external nature”.

Meanwhile, Giorgetti’s reply also arrived in the hearing in the Chamber to the question of the Avs deputy Marco Grimaldi who asked if it will be a Def with the rear-view mirror: “The introduction of the rear-view mirror was an enormous revolution for vehicle driving, it saved many human lives”, remarked the Treasury holder not without a hint of irony.

“Doing the Def with the rearview mirror today is very useful, much more than relying on the flights of fancy of programming in a complicated context. We will do it like the commission EU asked us to do and It will be a little different from the past taking note of the circumstances”, he concluded.