Deaths in Nursing Homes Rise Again – World News

Covid cases and deaths in nursing homes across America are rising again due to the very rapid spread of Omicron.

32 thousand cases were detected in nursing homes the previous week. That’s 7 times the number of cases detected last month.

In the week ending January 9, 645 deaths related to Covid were recorded. This means an increase of 47 percent compared to the previous week. There are concerns that Covid-related death rates will increase further in nursing homes.

However, despite the increasing numbers, the situation is not as bad as in December 2020. At that time, deaths in nursing homes could rise to 6200. Experts state that the vaccination rate in nursing homes is high at 87 percent, giving the message that vaccines make a significant difference.

Vaccines and additional doses of vaccine provide strong protection against severe illness, hospitalization and loss of life. However, it is stated that the elderly and those with significant health problems are vulnerable to the virus.

Nursing home officials note that they have restricted visits as a precautionary measure and reintroduced social distancing practices.

Some states enact their own practices. In New York, visitors to nursing homes are required to show evidence of negative tests and wear masks.

The rate of those who receive additional doses of vaccination in nursing homes is 63 percent. However, the vaccination rate of those working in nursing homes is worse than those who remain. Although 83 percent of the employees have received two doses of vaccine, the rate of those who have received additional doses is only 29 percent.