death of Jean-Jacques Beineix, director of the cult film “37.2° in the morning”

death of Jean Jacques Beineix director of the cult film 372°

French director Jean-Jacques Beineix died at the age of 75 following a long illness at his Parisian home, his brother Jean-Claude, as well as his wife and daughter, told AFP. His career marked the 1980s with in particular a cult film, ” 37.2° in the morning », which revealed the actress Béatrice Dalle.

Funny career that Jean-Jacques Beineix. In the 1980s, he was the most adored of French filmmakers. From his first feature film, Diva, he charmed the critics and won several Césars.

After a timid start, the film was seen by thousands of spectators charmed by its unique style between mannerism and poetry.

The start was therefore dazzling, and the sequel was no less so: six years later, 37°2 in the morning smashes the box office. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same title by Philippe Djian. The tormented loves of Betty and Zorg, two flayed alive caught up in madness, reveal two incredible actors Béatrice Dalle and Jean Hugues Anglade and even become a social phenomenon.

Zorg and Betty are orphans “, reacted on Instagram Béatrice Dalle, remembering the shooting as one” of the most beautiful pages of my life “. ” I love you “, she wrote again for the late director.

Beineix had a notch, a style, a method, the grandiose assurance of the stubborn “, greeted the former president of the Cannes Film Festival Gilles Jacob.

Jean-Jacques Beineix offers his last role to Yves Montant in IP5.

He shoots several documentaries, adapts the novel by Jean-Pierre Gattégno Deadly Transfer. He even tried his hand at the theater in 2015 by directing Kiki de Montparnasse. But he will never find public favor again.

Remains this unique film, Diva, this concentrate of the look of the 1980s, which Wong Kar Wai will imitate in In the mood for love and the look of The Wally, in which an entire generation can identify today.

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