Dear flights, Urso replies to O’Leary. Antitrust Assist: “Unfounded criticism of measures”

Dear flights Urso replies to OLeary Antitrust Assist Unfounded criticism

(Finance) – “Italy is a sovereign country, it does not allow itself to be blackmailed by anyone”. Thus the Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso, responding to journalists on the statements of Ryanair’s number one Michael O’Leary what has of new attached the government decree on air transport.

Also space for a joke. “Sorry, I found myself with some batteries, I don’t know, I don’t know if you found a person who is wandering around Italy, can you return them to him?”. Urso replied to O’Leary, who this morning in the press conference in which he had some
technical problems commenting that “Minister Urso removed the batteries from the remote control to prevent us from making the presentation”.

The minister adds: “then if he needs a legal advisor, a State councilor received him here yesterday; then it is difficult to speak and argue if one does not have legal and legal knowledge. We are available to assist him on this”.

“On the other hand – continues Urso – a company that is sanctioned eleven times by the Authority that regulates competition and the market for having violated the market rules eleven times in this country and trampled consumer rights, go to court, has already been condemned several times”.