Dear flights, airline ticket prices skyrocket at Christmas

Mid August ENIT over 700000 international airport arrivals in Italy

(Finance) – “Whoever is preparing today to purchase an ‘economy’ class ticket to fly to Sicily during the holidays, leaving on 23 December and returning on Sunday 7 January, and is willing to board at any time (even early morning or evening late), spends a minimum of 521 euros (round trip) starting from Bologna and landing in Palermo, 465 euros if going to Catania”. ù

They are the numbers of Assoutients who conducted research through the specialized platform Skyscanner on Sunday 3 December, verifying that tickets to the islands exceed 500 euros at Christmas. As the Christmas holidays approach, the problem of expensive flights returns for those who have to reach the islands from northern Italy.

“From Turin to Catania, on the same dates, you need at least 446 euros, 441 euros from Pisa to Catania, 439 euros from Verona to Palermo. The Genoa-Catania flight is also above 400 euros (from 404 euros per person), while from Milan in Palermo you need at least 399 euros per passenger, but you can spend up to 706 euros depending on the time and the chosen company”.

The association reports that flight fares to Sardinia are also growing: “To reach Cagliari starting from Pisa the minimum cost for the return ticket (on the same dates 23 December/7 January) is 395 euros, if you leave from Bologna 381 euros, from Venice 345 euros, from Turin 297 euros Prices which obviously do not consider the additional costs for hand luggage or the choice of seat, taxes which further increase the cost of a flight”. “Moving around Italy during the holidays is increasingly a drain that empties citizens’ pockets – explains the president of Assoutenti, Furio Truzzi – An emergency that recurs every year and which seems without a solution”.