deadly clashes between the Ethiopian and Sudanese armies

deadly clashes between the Ethiopian and Sudanese armies

The situation is very tense on the border between Sudan and Ethiopia. The Sudanese army denounced, Saturday, November 28, an attack carried out by Ethiopian forces in the disputed region of al-Fashaga, a point of friction between the two countries for many years. The Sudanese army specifies that this attack left several dead among its soldiers, without specifying the number.

The Sudanese army explains that its forces, which protect crops in this region of al-Fashaga, have been attacked by the Ethiopian army and militias. The attack was, she said, aimed at intimidating farmers and sabotaging the harvest season.

The Sudanese army affirms that the attack was repelled by its men but it also mentions significant human and material losses, without giving more details on the results. The Ethiopian authorities did not comment.

This is not the first time that clashes have taken place in the vast region of al-Fashaga, with fertile land. Skirmishes are regularly reported there. They intensified last year when the conflict between the Ethiopian federal government and the authorities in Tigray pushed tens of thousands of Ethiopians to seek refuge in eastern Sudan. It was also after the start of this conflict, in Tigray, that Sudanese troops were deployed there.

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Sudan and Ethiopia have never managed to agree on the course of their border, despite numerous rounds of negotiations. The two countries have also been opposed, for more than ten years, on the question of the great dam of rebirth.