Dead by Daylight Is Free For A Limited Time!

Dead by Daylight, one of the most popular games, has been free for 5 days on Steam.

Steam, one of the most popular game platforms of today, has recently acquired the habit of sharing free games with its users. Steam, which offers especially popular and popular games for free, announced that it will give Dead by Daylight, worth 149 TL, for free this week.

Dead by Daylight, which was certain to come to the big screen as a new thriller in the past days, increased its sales during this time. In honor of the movie news, the production company agreed with Steam to give the game the opportunity to experience the game for free for 5 days.

13 March at 20:00 CET You can experience the game for free. If you decide to buy later You can buy it for 59.60 TL with a 60% discount.

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