Dead birds rained down from the sky: A real biosecurity threat!

Dead birds rained down from the sky A real biosecurity

Dead birds falling from the sky in Ireland cause uneasiness in the public. Dead boobies have been found on beaches and harbors across the country, and the public has been alarmed.


According to the report of the Irish Mirror, the strange deaths have sparked fears of a new type of bird flu. Large diving birds have died in colonies in England recently due to bird flu. Experts worry that the problem has spread to Ireland as well.

Official Niall Hatch said they had received “hundreds of calls” about dead boobies and calls for “urgent action” by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) before ducks, foxes and domestic poultry were destroyed.


“Biosecurity is now a big concern,” said Hatch, noting that what happened is a virus and that action should be taken as soon as possible.