Dazzling trip to Zanskar, in the heart of the Himalayas

Dazzling trip to Zanskar in the heart of the Himalayas

Perched on the northern slopes of the Indian Himalayas, near Ladakh, it is a region of 7,000 km2 not quite like the others: Zanskar. It is also called “little Tibet”. And it is home to around 13,000 inhabitants divided into small villages along the river of the same name and its tributaries.

It is in this arid region, where one of the most endearing peoples in the world lives, that Anne, Erik and Véronique Lapied have repeatedly put down their backpacks. back and their cameras to capture day by day the secrets of community life. They invite us to discover who are these women and men who live on these land altitude. Cut off from the rest of the world several months a year because of the altitude and the gel, the Zanskarpas fascinate us and teach us humility through their ability to adapt and their solidarity. Beyond borders, a trip to Zanskar challenges our own limits.