Dassault Aviation gets its datacenters off the ground with Dell Technologies infrastructures

Dassault Aviation gets its datacenters off the ground with Dell

To complete the complete renovation of two data centers, Dassault Aviation chose Dell Technologies platforms. An ultra-secure base that is flexible, agile and scalable enough so that the aircraft manufacturer’s military and business jets can remain at the forefront of performance for decades to come.

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When one of the largest business and military aircraft manufacturers must renovate its data centers, the level of requirements in matter safety, power, stability and projection over time is very high. And that was precisely the issue for Dassault Aviation, which had to rethink its data center infrastructure to take it into the future. Whether it is the famous Rafale or the Falcon business jets, the aircraft manufacturer intends to push the modelization 3D of its aircraft. And to start with a ” digital twin In 3D aircraft, you need data centers capable of combining agility, flexibility, speed, and which will support projects without flinching from start to finish. It is in this spirit that Dassault Aviation has completely renovated two data centers with the infrastructure specialist Systemic, relying on Dell Technologies infrastructures. Proven platforms capable of protecting virtual environments and physical of the aircraft manufacturer.

Dassault aviation explains how the Dell Technologies infrastructure base will enable it to remain a leader in the development of prototypes in the decades to come. © Dell Technologies

Security combined with computing power and long life

Dell’s servers are designed to ensure that all applications of Dassault Aviation are still operational. Security therefore, with enhanced protection of data specific to aircraft, but which still has openings to the outside. Mix these two universe contradictory is not an easy task and yet it is the bet that Dassault won, with Dell and Systemic. The aircraft manufacturer was not at its first attempt with platforms Dell Technologies. There had already been experience with the cloud. And just by modifying the data storage part, Dassault Aviation has achieved enormous productivity gains, while reducing costs.

And then, thanks in particular to the performance of Intel® Xeon® processors, the Dell system makes it possible to immediately host projects that will be part of the duration. And when it comes to innovation in aviation, we are talking about decades. These projects must therefore be able to be carried by systems that are projected until the 2040s; this is exactly what Dell’s Sofware-defined infrastructures offer. The advantage of this type of infrastructure is that it is flexible, it can evolve and transform over time to support the most ambitious projects over time, without ever stalling.

Article produced in partnership with Dell Technologies

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