Dark sci-fi thriller set to save his career

Dark sci fi thriller set to save his career
Will Smith’s career has been since the Oscar slap against Chris Rock

at the low point. After the riot, he is excluded from the award for ten years, the fate of already planned and finished films with the star seems uncertain. Now he wants himself out of trouble with the sci-fi thriller Brilliance.

Will Smith’s Blade Runner: A Sci-Fi Chase will be his first new film

In the film adaptation of the novel The Abnormal by Marcus Sakey 1% of humanity possess supernatural abilities, which are suspiciously monitored by the authorities. The main character, Nick Cooper, hunts down the criminal elements among the so-called abnormals for the government, but is one of them himself.

Smith is said to have the concept, which is vaguely reminiscent of Blade Runner produce and possibly play the leading role. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Ms. Marvel) will direct. As with I, Robot and I Am Legend, Smith is collaborating with co-producer Akiva Goldsman on Brilliance.

When will the sci-fi thriller Brilliance, starring Will Smith, be in cinemas?

It is currently difficult to predict when the film will end up in cinemas. There is no start date yet. In view of the early stage of production and the uncertain PR situation due to Smith’s controversy, we expect in Spring 2025 with a publication.

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