Dark Knight’s Future Uncertain in MCU

Dark Knights Future Uncertain in MCU

Kit Harington, who joined the MCU with Marvel Studios’ Eternals movie, announced that he could not get clear information about the future of his character Dane Whitman.

Stepping into the MCU with Marvel Studios’ 2021 movie Eternals Kit Haringtoncharacter Dane WhitmanHe states that he has not yet received any information from Marvel about the future of . Harington, his character like in the comics Black Knight While he expressed his hope that he would take on the role, he expressed that he was not sure if Marvel had any plans in this regard. Despite promising a bright future in the Eternals movie, Harington and Marvel fans remain uncertain about the character’s journey in the MCU.

The Dark Knight’s Future is Uncertain in the MCU: Statements from Kit Harington

EternalsThis is Harington’s only appearance in the role, as he plays Dane Whitman in . While the film offers clues for Whitman’s future in the MCU, the character was planned to reappear in the Moon Knight series, but this did not happen. In the post-credits scene, it was hinted by the character Blade to Whitman to reach for the Ebony Blade and return as the Dark Knight. However, Harington’s statements that he will not appear in the Blade movie MCU increased speculation about his role in it.

Although the actor is open to portraying the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he states that there are no concrete plans for the character at the moment.