Dark and Darker is celebrating its release on mobile this year

Many of you probably know Dark and Darker as a dark dungeon crawler with extraction components. The game enjoyed many fans on Steam until it was removed from the platform. Now the same game should appear on mobile and cast its spell on you.

What kind of game is Dark and Darker? Dark and Darker is a PvEvP dungeon crawler in which you take on the role of an explorer. You roam through different dungeons and catacombs alone or with your squad to get hold of valuable treasures and then have to escape.

However, don’t feel too safe, because monsters, enemy players and traps make your raids uncomfortable. Dark and Darker was once very popular on Steam until a lawsuit swept the game off the platform.

Now the same game is scheduled to appear on mobile devices in 2024. You can find out what you should know about the upcoming mobile game in our short overview.

We have included the cinematic trailer for Dark and Darker Mobile here:

The cinematic trailer for Dark and Darker Mobile shows 2 adventurers in a dungeon

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What do we know about the dungeon crawler? Dark and Darker Mobile is developed by Bluehole Studio, a South Korean development studio. The focus of the dungeon crawler is to escape from various dungeons with as much loot as possible.

Treasures are scattered everywhere in Dark and Darker

However, you have to be careful because many creatures and hostile players don’t want you to escape. So it’s important to defend yourself. At the start of your journey you can create your character and choose one of five classes:

  • fighter
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue
  • Ranger
  • cleric
  • Each class has its advantages and disadvantages as well as talents that can be selected before a dungeon. Now you have to walk into the dungeon and grab the loot without walking on it.

    It is important to mention that Dark and Darker Mobile will deliver many new game content, including:

  • High level dungeons
  • This activity serves as an endgame for players with the best equipment and is intended to test your skills
  • PvE dungeons
  • This mode is intended to remove the PvP components of Dark and Darker and throw you into a dungeon where you can only fight monsters without the fear of losing to players.
  • PvP dungeons
  • In this mode, the focus is entirely on PvP and sends you on raids through dungeons where enemy players pose the greatest threat.
  • Sidekick and pet system
  • Before you travel to a dungeon, you can add AI companions and pets to your squad to help you. These AI warriors can be leveled up and serve as a powerful alternative if you don’t feel like playing normal players. Pets grant you reinforcements on your travels.
  • When is the release? Bluehole Studio is planning a worldwide release towards the end of 2024. Unfortunately, when exactly that will be is not yet known.

    What do you think of a “Dark and Darker” on your phones? Will you check it out when it’s released or would you rather forego it and want the Steam version back? Let us know!

    Dark and Darker was banned from Steam due to serious allegations – now the developers are celebrating their first success in the dispute