Darin studies 10 hours a day – live streaming everything

Darin Karkawatli is an inspiration to anyone who has a hard time getting to grips with homework. The 18-year-old student has been broadcasting live while he sits and studies for over 100 days.

Viewers all over the world watch as Darin solves problems and sits and writes – 10 hours a day.

The super routine: Gets up at 03.20 every day

The reason why Darin studies so much is that he wants to improve his high school knowledge in order to study theoretical physics at university.

He started live streaming the studies to motivate himself.

– I thought that it puts more pressure on myself to actually study, I notice that I get distracted easily and go to bed if I don’t get good sleep, for example, it puts pressure when people look at you, so you have to study.

It takes a certain will not to give up, but also strong routines.

– I get up at 3.20 in the morning and start streaming at 04 in the morning.

Many followers in India

Now the channel has approximately 26 thousand followers. Most of them sit by themselves and study while they watch and are then joined by Darin. Several followers live in other countries.

– There is a girl from India who is studying for an entrance exam. There are lots from India because they have like the hardest tests there.

The plugin takes up most of the time. Darin says that he tries to go and exercise, but then it stops.

– It doesn’t leave much room for other things, like meeting friends and the like.