Danish trade union leader resigns after harassment allegations – eight young men came forward

Eight young men active in the trade union movement in Denmark came forward in the media this week and accused union president Lizette Risgaard, 62, of “cross-border touching”. On Sunday, she announced her resignation. – It is deeply regrettable about this whole situation, but it is absolutely the right decision that Lizette Risgaard has made, says Mona Striib, union president of the trade union FOA, to Danish TV2. Lizette Risgaard has, among other things, patted the men on the butt, or gotten too close when she danced with them. After the accusations, she now announces that she is leaving her post. “For me, it has also always been decisive that the trade union movement and our struggle are at the forefront. But now I can state that information that is spread from several directions stands in the way of that struggle,” she writes in a post on Facebook. Chairman at national level Since 2019, Lizette Risgaard has been chairman of FH, an organization that represents 1.3 million Danish wage earners. The revelations that led to her resignation were made by eight men anonymously in two Danish media outlets; Berlingske and Ekstra Bladet. Risgaard initially argued that she should be allowed to remain in the post, but later resigned. – I think we all need to check our compass today, but no one is above society, says Anja C. Jensen, union president at HK Danmark, to TV2. On Sunday, the union announced that management was aware of a case of inappropriate touching that allegedly occurred in 2021.