Daniel Lönn from Borlänge replaces the late SD politician Mats Nordberg

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

– Salary is next on the list, confirms the Sweden Democrats’ press service.

According to SVT’s data, 21-year-old Daniel Lönn from Borlänge will be the youngest member of the current Riksdag. He himself has not yet had time to digest what has happened in recent days.

– First of all, I want to wait for a physical notification from the right body, so that we can have a meeting and go through the conditions so that I can apply for leave of absence, says Daniel Lönn, who was told through the media that he is the closest to becoming a member of the Riksdag.

Salary for the party colleague

Lönn has worked closely with the late Mats Nordberg in the Sweden Democrats’ district board in Dalarna for four years.

– I think I speak for us both locally and nationally in that Mats will be missed as a warm and empathetic person, he says.

Unclear how the assignments are distributed

Mats Nordberg was deputy in the environment and agriculture committee and the foreign affairs committee, and a member of the Riksdag’s steering group for bilateral democracy-promoting cooperation. He was also second vice-chairman of the Sweden Democrats in Dalarna.

Which areas of responsibility Lonn will receive has not yet been announced.