Daniel Craig’s alleged Bond successor faces Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and 5 other stars

Daniel Craigs alleged Bond successor faces Henry Cavill Tom Hardy

As the 7th Bond overall, Daniel Craig threw in the towel after James Bond 007 – No Time to Die in autumn 2021. Those responsible behind the world-famous agent figure then took a breather. That’s over now, and perhaps the most important casting call in the world of pop culture is in full swing – albeit behind the scenes. Information regularly leaks out that indicate which performers should be popular. This is where the name comes up most often Aaron Taylor Johnson.

In this article, we clarify the following questions about the Bond successor:

  • Who is Aaron Taylor Johnson?
  • What is the current ranking of possible performers?
  • Why is Aaron Taylor-Johnson the favorite?
  • Most Likely New Bond: Who Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson is 33 years old, British and married to director Sam Taylor-Johnson. You know him as Quicksilver in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, as amateur superhero Kick-Ass or as John Lennon in Nowhere Boy. Most recently, he specialized in action material, such as Bullet Train and The Kings Man: The Beginning. Soon he will play the Marvel hero Kraven the Hunter.


    Aaron Taylor Johnson

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the helm: What is the current ranking of possible cast members?

    Almost anything can be bet on in the UK, including the possible successor to Daniel Craig. In which Bookmaker Coral Aaron Taylor-Johnson has recently taken the lead, a company spokesman said. Betting odds don’t offer any solid statistics, but they are a good indicator of probabilities. The odds are also reflected in reality, as we explain in more detail below.

    The Bond ranking currently looks like this:

    Why is Aaron Taylor Johnson the favorite?

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s favorite status for the Bond successor stems from several factors.

    1. His name is more than just a rumor: Two different sources independently reported that a positive meeting took place between Taylor-Johnson and Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. None of the other actors from the list above can say that about themselves.

    2. He meets the tough Bond age and nationality requirements: Taylor-Johnson is 33, five years younger than Daniel Craig when he took office, which Bond producers are said to prefer. Also, he is British, a traditional exclusionary trait for cast members of the agent.

    3. Awareness: Unlike the now well-known Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy, Taylor-Johnson has a fresh face. He can disappear behind the character, evolve with her, and eventually merge with her. Like Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery, none of whom were stars before they took on the role.

    When a final Bond decision will be made, is still completely open. Most recently, Taron Egerton, whose name has also been traded, commented on the status of the James Bond casting: “I think they already have someone and it’s not me.” He did not reveal where Egerton got this information from. However, casting splinters of this type can easily spread throughout the industry. So has the decision already been made?

    In June 2022, producer Barbara Broccoli predicted that Bond 26 would start filming in 2024 at the earliest. This deadline pressure would force an announcement of the new bond before the end of this year.

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