Daniel Brühl on his Karl Lagerfeld series, his MCU role and Hollywood

Daniel Bruhl on his Karl Lagerfeld series his MCU role
Daniel Brühl has set milestones in the more than 30 years of his career. School went through every classroom, Good Bye, Lenin! and The Eden Years Are Over through every talk show. And as the dancing Marvel villain Baron Zemo in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, he became a social media phenomenon. Now Brühl is the eponymous Fashion icon in Becoming Karl Lagerfeld The role in the series on Disney+ is his masterpiece. Daniel Brühl talks in an interview about Karl Lagerfeld, new courage and Marvel

In conversation with Moviepilot, Brühl is enthusiastic about the filming of the French fashion series. And especially about his scene partner Théodore Pellerin, who plays Lagerfeld’s partner Jacques De Bascher. But he also looks forward with the experience of his career so far: further adventures as Baron Zemo and the superhero satire The Franchise. All with a confidence that he says he has only developed over the years.


Daniel Brühl and Theodore Pellerin in Becoming Karl Lagerfeld

Moviepilot: You play the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. What does fashion mean to you personally?

Daniel Brühl: I enjoy fashion, I take it seriously. I have had a fantastic fashion designer for over 20 years, Alessandro Sartori from Zegna. His world is even crazier and faster than mine. As an actor, you notice over time which cuts, shapes, colors and brands you feel comfortable with. When I look at pictures from my first red carpets, I can see that there were one or two mistakes. [lacht]. You learn something new.

Karl Lagerfeld was a fashion legend, an aesthetic revolutionary, a German in Paris, and a queer man in conservative times. What appealed to you most about his many facets?

For me, it was like a Ravensburger puzzle with 10,000 pieces. I love it now. As I get older, I know exactly what appeals to me and what doesn’t. The initial shock and spontaneous laughter when I was offered the role of Karl Lagerfeld quickly subsided. That’s when I realized what a huge opportunity this role is: it’s never boring with this guy.

What was the most difficult thing for you?

Don’t play a caricature. That’s a trap. At some point I had to throw all my fears overboard and I had a fantastic partner in Théodore Pellerin. He is one of the finest actors I have ever worked with. In the end it was like a great dance together.

You and your co-star Theodore Pellerin have a special chemistry. Did you get along immediately

I think when you meet people, you know in the first two minutes whether you like each other or not. We were both very nervous, but it was a perfect fit. Absolute madness. When that happens, when the absolute truth emerges? The feeling was always genuine with us, we didn’t hold anything back.


Daniel Brühl as Marvel villain Baron Zemo

What is Baron Zemo’s Marvel future?

I had a lot of fun with the character and am looking forward to seeing it reactivated.

I just finished [Bond-Regisseur] Sam Mendes, Armando Iannucci (The Death of Stalin) and Jon Brown (Succession) made a superhero satire: The Franchise. The series turned out fantastic. As the only German, I was invited to step into the ring with the funniest people from Great Britain and the USA. I was scared: “Are you sure you want a German on board?“, I asked Sam Mendes. We are not exactly known for our humor. But he just said: “Why? You’re funny!” And the result was just unbelievably awesome. And I know that Marvel has such a great sense of humor that they won’t take this the wrong way.

With your Hollywood experience, are you still nervous on a set like that?

Of course, but I love it. I love still being scared, still having stage fright. Always driving by sight is boring. I used to have a lot more doubts, but over time I’ve just become braver. I don’t care if people scold me. I experience myself in a new way, especially when I’m not driving with the handbrake on.

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