Dangerous tension in the air after the UAV crisis! This is how British and German warplanes intercepted Russian planes

Dangerous tension in the air after the UAV crisis This

In the statement made by the British Royal Air Force (RAF), it was stated that on March 17, the Tu-134 type military passenger aircraft of the Russian Air Force and two Su-27 type warplanes accompanying it were detected approaching the Estonian border. Typhoon class warplanes of the RAF and German Air Force, taking off from Amari Air Base in Estonia, intercepted the approaching Russian aircraft.


“This mission is an assurance that Britain and Germany, along with other NATO allies, stand by their Estonian allies in this moment of tension,” the statement said.


The MQ-9 type surveillance UAV belonging to the US Air Force had crashed in the Black Sea with the intervention of Russian warplanes. With the downing of the UAV, the USA reacted to Russia. The Russian side claimed that there was no contact between the UAV and warplanes. Later, the US European Command published the images of the UAV before it crashed. In the images, it was seen that the Russian warplane was flying very close to the UAV and the propeller of the UAV was damaged.