Dangerous tension in Karabakh: clashes broke out between Azerbaijani soldiers and Armenian forces! There are dead and wounded

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The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced that there was a clash between the Azerbaijani soldiers and the Armenian forces in Karabakh, and that there were dead and wounded on both sides.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was reported that the Azerbaijani soldiers took action on the information that military equipment, ammunition and personnel were transported from Armenia to the territory of Azerbaijan, where Russian elements were temporarily deployed and where the Armenian population lived, using the Hankendi-Halfeli-TurĊŸsu route from Armenia.


In the statement, it was noted that in the morning, Azerbaijani soldiers wanted to stop an illegal military transport vehicle for control purposes, and clashes broke out when the people in the vehicle opened fire.

In the conflict, it was stated that there were dead and wounded on both sides.

The Ministry did not share information on the losses of the Azerbaijani side.

On the other hand, news were published in the Armenian press that 3 Armenian police officers were killed in the clash.