Dacia Jogger Extreme; What you need to know before Turkey

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Important technical features have been shared for the Dacia Jogger Extreme, which will take its place on the lists in June.

The Jogger product range, which Dacia has included in its product range as the most accessible 7-seater car on the market, continues to expand. For the model, which is preparing to be the first of the Romanian manufacturer in this field over its hybrid engine version, the Extreme version, which targets adventure-oriented users, will attract attention. The “Increased Handling Control” feature, which is offered as standard with the Extreme equipment for the Dacia Jogger, promises users freedom of movement on rough roads. Turkey sales of the new equipment level, which will also be offered for Duster, will start in June. Electric Spring Extreme will meet with users in Turkey in the second half of 2023.

Dacia Jogger Extreme What you need to know before Turkey
1677755857 561 Dacia Jogger Extreme What you need to know before Turkey

Dacia Jogger Extreme with its highlights

With the Extreme package, the first detail that users will notice from the outside will be the “Cedar Green” green body color. In addition; glossy black shark antenna, model name in copper brown letters on the roof rails, copper brown touches on the side mirror caps and wheel caps, copper brown Dacia logo on the trunk, topographically designed stripes on the front doors, a reference to Duster’s signature snorkel between the front doors and front fenders Besides the fog lights, copper brown touches and a 16-inch black wheel set will be the details that make the difference on the body.

The interior living area of ​​the jogger will also bring special touches to the new version. With the opening of the doors, the topographical thresholds will welcome us again. MicroCloud, a new type of gray upholstery in the Extreme trim level, covers the door panels and seats, as well as the dashboard. It is stated that this coating, which is resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean and reminiscent of velvet, will play an important role in increasing the feeling of quality. Topographic reflections will also be processed on the vehicle’s mats.

1677755857 561 Dacia Jogger Extreme What you need to know before Turkey
The Enhanced Handling Control, which will come as standard with this package, is also remarkable. As a support for the two-wheel drive infrastructure struggling on muddy, snowy or slippery surfaces, this solution from Dacia supports drivers in coping with tough conditions and offers greater freedom of movement. The button-activated support included in the vehicle’s center console adjusts the ESC settings, allowing the wheels to spin more freely and grip on loose/difficult surfaces.


Dacia Jogger 2023 model price list – March

Essential Turbo 110 hp 7 seats 658.900 ₺
Essential Turbo ECO-G 100 hp 7 seats 672.900 ₺
Expression Turbo 110 hp 7 seats 678.900 ₺
Expression Turbo ECO-G 100 hp 7 seats 692.900 ₺
Extreme Turbo 110 hp 7 seats 703,900 ₺
Extreme Turbo ECO-G 100 hp 7 seats 717.900 ₺