Cyril Dion, defender of biodiversity with “Animal”

Cyril Dion defender of biodiversity with Animal

What distinguishes humans from other mammals on Earth? Laughter, wrote Rabelais in the 16th century … The philosopher Descartes estimated that this creature, the highest in the animal kingdom, had to surrender ” as master and owner of nature “. But, for the current Israeli philosopher Yuval Harari, what characterizes man, more precisely Homo Sapiens, lies in his ability to forge stories.

And that is precisely what Cyril Dion is committed to doing. Six years after the success of his documentary tomorrow, directed with Mélanie Laurent, and which showed the ravages of global warming but also the solutions, the documentary filmmaker is released in theaters (December 1, 2021 in France) the film Animal.

His hero is two teenagers: Bella, an Englishwoman and Vipulan, a Frenchman of Sri Lankan origin, who will travel the world to understand the 6th mass extinction at work and the means to stop it.