Cybertruck Interior Resembles Soviet Design

Cybertruck Interior Resembles Soviet Design

Tesla Cybertruck interior A photo of it was leaked to the Cybertruck Owners Club, showing part of the instrument cluster, center console and steering wheel. This is clearly a prototype, but the vehicle go into production in a few months We can assume that this will be the final design.

The vehicle is a tablet with a large tablet in the middle. To the interior of the Soviet car looks like. The center console does not appear to be detachable (one of the first features introduced was the ability to turn the center console into a third seat), and the instrument cluster looks extremely deep, which is not surprising given the shape and angle of the windshield.

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The steering wheel is not something we’ve seen before on Tesla. It’s a weird mix between a yoke and a standard steering wheel with force-touch buttons instead of real physical ones.

Your design Cybertruck It is clear that this is not the top priority for the company and the company is trying to build a capable horsepower, hence a fairly sterile interior. However, it will be hard to sell given the vehicle’s high target price.