Cyber ​​Monday 2021: Chromebooks at knockdown prices at Cdiscount!

Black Friday 2021 Chromebooks at knockdown prices at Cdiscount

Are you looking for a good performing computer for yourself or a loved one? Do not go further ! Cdiscount offers several discounts on Chromebooks on the occasion of Cyber ​​Monday. Here are some good references to put under your Christmas tree.

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Chromebooks are usually affordable already, but who would say no to an additional discount? Cdiscount offers a few computers at reduced prices for Cyber ​​Monday. The opportunity to replace Dad’s aging machine with a simpler one or to prepare your child’s higher education.

The 3 best Chromebook promotions during Cyber ​​Monday at Cdiscount

Here are the 3 Chromebook offers to remember at Cdiscount:

As you can see, there is something for every budget! So which one will you let yourself be tempted?

Chromebooks, a relevant choice in the laptop market

Since their inception a decade ago, Chromebooks have come a long way. Initially limited and intended for students, Google has completely revised the operating system Chrome OS. Today, Chromebooks easily compete with other laptops on the market.

What is Chrome OS? It’s the operating system for Chromebooks, designed by Google to be simple, fast and secure. This operating system is based in particular on the Navigator Chrome with which it shares the development cycle. Chrome OS therefore regularly receives security and feature updates, which over time improves the performance of Chromebook computers.

Another advantage of Chrome OS is that it was designed to be lightweight. It therefore works equally well on entry-level and high-end configurations. You therefore benefit from a device that starts up in seconds in all circumstances, and you will have sufficient power to carry out your daily tasks. Consuming littleenergy, Chrome OS also offers Chromebooks up to 12 hours of battery life.

Let’s demystify some a priori on Chromebooks

If Chromebooks have proven themselves on paper, they still suffer from an average reputation with the public. Let’s see what are the misconceptions about computers with Chrome OS sauce.

A priori 1: Chromebooks are slow

When we see the configurations equipping computers with Chrome OS, we may wonder if they are not lacking in power. The main reason is that we compare these configurations to computers designed to run other operating systems. Chrome OS was designed to work optimally on any type of configuration, from entry-level to high-end, without limiting performance.

A priori 2: Chromebooks lack apps

Running on a processor Intel but with a base Linux and an Android emulator, Chrome OS takes the best of both worlds. You can access thousands ofapplications available on Google Play Store and on the web to work, create and play.

A priori 3: Chromebooks cannot be used without an internet connection

Chrome OS relies heavily on the eponymous browser to function, one might be tempted to believe that the lack of connection Internet makes it impossible to use a Chromebook but that’s wrong. Chromebooks offer an offline mode so you can continue working on your documents from the Google office suite, but also on your emails. You can also take advantage of applications that offer an offline mode such as Netflix Where Spotify Premium.

A priori 4: Chromebooks are not suitable for gaming

While you can’t install actual video games on a Chromebook, there’s plenty for you to do. The Google Play Store gives access to all Android games and you can also use Cloud Gaming solutions like Google Stadia or GeForce Now. You will be able to access the latest blockbusters with a stable connection.