Cultured meat: Mattarella signs bill, Government awaits EU verification

Cultured meat Mattarella signs bill Government awaits EU verification

(Finance) – The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella promulgated the bill on the “provisions regarding the ban on the production and placing on the market of cultured meat”.

The government sent the provision accompanying it with a letter with which notice was given of the notification of the bill to the European Commission and with the commitment to comply with any “observations that may be formulated by the Commission in the context of the notification procedure”.

Meanwhile, the European Commission confirms that it has received the notification regarding the Agriculture Ministry’s bill banning meat grown in Italy, approved two weeks ago by the Chamber. “We haven’t analyzed it yet,” replied the European Commission’s Single Market spokeswoman, Johanna Bernsel, responding to journalists during the daily briefing at Brussels.

According to EU legislation, in fact, all laws of member states that risk having an impact on the European single market must be notified to the Commission, according to a procedure called “Tris”, before coming into force.