Cult horror with Charlie Sheen on TV today: Scary Movie was destroyed by an argument: “Both were malicious”

Cult horror with Charlie Sheen on TV today Scary Movie

Why aren’t there any new Scary Movie films coming out? The horror-parody franchise dominated the spoof world for 13 years, parodying every major hit. After 5 films, the series broke off in 2013. Today one of the best parts is on TV: Scary Movie 3 at 10:20 p.m. on Kabel Eins (repeat at 1:55 a.m.).

It’s all about this: Scary Movie 3 focuses on 8 Mile, Signs and The Ring. Alongside the incomparable Anna Faris as Cindy, Charlie Sheen stars as Farmer Tom, who is modeled after Mel Gibson’s character from Signs.

We explain why the cult series collapsed and so quickly no more new movies coming.

The Scary Movie creators have fallen out with the Weinstein brothers

Scary Movie 5 – Trailer (English) HD

Scary Movie 3 was no longer the responsibility of the original creators, Marlon Wayans explained in 2020 on the anniversary of the first film. Wayans, together with his brothers Shawn and Keenon Ivory, played a leading role in the first two films and ensured the surprise success of the first part in 2000. The weaker second part, which was created under time pressure, followed just a year later. Then the story was spread that the Wayans brothers had voluntarily given up their row.

In fact, Marlon Wayans was from the Dimension company fired from behind. The owners, the discredited Weinstein brothers, would not have wanted to pay the trio for a third part.

One of them is in jail right now for rape but evil they were both. My brothers and I didn’t leave Scary Movie willingly. They’re the ones who took over our work because the Weinstein brothers are cruel people.

So the series parted ways with its creators, which rarely ends well, but it was just the beginning of the end. The story of Death of the Scary Movie series is even more complex.

Scary Movie was swept up in the decline of the spoof genre

The wave of subterranean knock-off strips alienated even die-hard fans of the genre. As is well known, numerous free riders imitated the success of the Scary Movie. But they only imitated what was easiest to imitate: easily recognizable movie quotes and moronic humor without the great comedy moments in between. My wife, the Spartans and IDisaster Movie and the Turkey of Hunger
ruined the reputation of the genre. The only thing they had in common with Scary Movie was the low level of production.

Two men are responsible for these films, who allegedly only helped to create Scary Movie as writers on paper: Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg. Nothing that Seltzer and Friedberg brought in made it into the first film, the Wayans brothers, who claim to be the only ones responsible, explained. Nevertheless, the duo Seltzer and Friedberg shaped the spoof genre for more than 10 years and ran it down. Their last film together, the Fast and Furious spoof Superfast! from 2015, only grossed a tenth of its budget of $20 million.

Is Scary Movie 6 still coming?

Spoof is as good as extinct today – and so is Scary Movie. Rescue is currently not in sight. Theoretically, a revival would be possible after the dissolution of Dimension Films, but currently nobody cares about it. If you are waiting for a new Scary Movie film, you have to be patient and be content with the 5 existing parts.

Do you want the Scary Movie series to return?