CSN’s website has crashed – crisis meeting at the authority

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Study support to change mid-career – the new support is estimated to be enough for 8,800 people and last night CSN’s site crashed when the application was opened. During Saturday, the authority sits in crisis meetings to deal with the IT breakdown. It is called adjustment study support, so that adults can adjust in the middle of working life. First come, first served, and despite preparations, CSN did not have the capacity for people to go in and apply. Even after midnight, many experienced that the website was down. Then the website completely crashed. “Unfortunately, we have been forced to close the service due to technical issues,” it says. Tentatively, the application will open again at 2 pm on Saturday. Those who received the application and also received a confirmation email should have their application processed, but the authority does not yet know whether everyone who completed the application actually came. According to information to Aftonbladet, a crisis meeting has been called at CSN to deal with the IT mess.