CSN’s transition support: The site crashed when applying

CSNs transition support The site crashed when applying

Published: Less than 50 min ago

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First-come, first-served applies to receive transition study support.

But when CSN opened the application at midnight, the site crashed.

– It is very sad. Tentatively, the service will reopen at 2 p.m., says press secretary Stefan Tärnhuvud.

full screen The announcement last night was that the application opens again at 2 p.m. “It is preliminary,” says press secretary Stefan Tärnhuvud. Photo: Screenshot from CSN’s website.

Following the Riksdag’s decision, SEK 1.3 billion will be paid out in transition study support this year. The money is estimated to be enough for 8,800 people.

There are fewer than the number of applicants and therefore the first-come, first-served principle applies.

“We grant the applications in the order they come in and as long as the money is sufficient. When the money runs out, we reject the applications that remain,” writes CSN on its website.

CSN processes applications twice a year – starting on 1 October and 1 April.

At midnight it was time. Then the site crashed immediately. Several affected people contacted Aftonbladet.

– I have been trying for more than an hour, but there are technical errors all the time, said a woman.

The application service crashed due to the heavy load.

– There were a lot of people who applied at the same time, more than what the service was adapted for. We really regret this. It’s sad when people have sat up and waited to apply, says CSN’s press secretary Stefan Tärnhuvud.

Given that it’s first come, first served – shouldn’t you have seen this coming?

– Absolutely, it’s a legitimate question. Before the launch, we had done tests on 30,000 applicants in one hour. There were simply even more now and it’s more than applied for in the entire previous period since October.

CSN worked through the night to fix the problems. In a message on the website, the authority states that the service will reopen at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

– It is preliminary, says Stefan Tärnhuvud.

What happens to the applications that may have gone through after midnight – will they be valid or will they all be reset when it reopens?

– I don’t know, we’ll have to come back to that.