Cristiano Ronaldo, historic scorer and superstar against Ghana

Cristiano Ronaldo historic scorer and superstar against Ghana

By obtaining and then scoring a crucial penalty for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo contributed to his team’s 3-2 victory on November 24 in Doha. The superstar also became the first player in football history to score at least one goal in five different World Cup finals. Enough to capsize his many fans present at Stade 974 yesterday.

From our Special Envoy in Doha,

And the spectators at Stade 974 shouted ” Yes ! This November 24 in Doha, Cristiano Ronaldo scored (from a penalty) the first goal of a Portugal-Ghana match closed until then. To the delight of his very many fans present in the stands. Many of them, originating from South Asia [1], then hastened, with jubilation, to imitate the celebration that their idol performs with each realization: jump while turning around, then arms and legs apart at the fallout. And this famous onomatopoeia (“ Siiiiuuuuuuu », shouted with rage.

Rage, the superstar could have had a bit during this match, he who is living a difficult season. The 37-year-old striker and Manchester United have indeed ended their collaboration, after a virulent interview with the player with regard to the English club. But this Thursday, the five-time Ballon d’Or preferred to dribble questions on the subject, from the media present in the interview area, offering some journalists a selfie with him.

“It’s a beautiful moment, my fifth World Cup”

It’s because Cristiano Ronaldo made footballing history: he became the very first to score in five different World Cups [2]. ” It’s something that makes me very proudsaid the interested party during a hasty press conference, after being elected man of the match. It’s a great moment, my fifth World Cup, we won, we started off on the right foot. It’s a very important victory, we know that winning the first game is crucial “.

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This success, however, did not prevent questions about the supposed tensions between Ronaldo and his teammates. ” There is no problemhowever, assures the side Raphaël Guerreiro. it’s just you [les médias, Ndlr] who interpret scenes [3] and inevitably it makes a lot of talk, each time, when it touches Cristiano. But there are no worries in this Portugal team. As you saw, during the first goal, everyone was happy and we jumped on each other. Everyone is really happy to be in this team, with this atmosphere “.

The former player of Sporting Portugal, Real Madrid and Juventus Turin can savor the reception of fans in Qatar. The announcement of his name, before the match against the Ghanaians, then when he left the pitch in the 87th minute, caused the spectators to exult. In terms of popularity, the Portuguese remains unbeatable, even if his best years are now behind him.

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[1] A sub-region that includes India, Pakistan and Nepal, from which many migrant workers in Qatar originate.

[2] 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022.

[3] On a video, we see attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandes, now ex-partner of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, greet each other very briefly, the superstar freezing for a brief moment.