Crazy thriller! Kansas City wins Super Bowl in overtime – superstar rages at coach, then steps out | Sport

Crazy thriller Kansas City wins Super Bowl in overtime

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime in the Super Bowl of the American football league NFL. The wild thriller finally ended for the Chiefs 25-22 when the superstar Patrick Mahomes threw a touchdown To Mecole Hardman and the team party began.

Mahomes shone again in the decisive moments, when he almost single-handedly raised the Chiefs’ attack, which plowed in the opening half, to a sufficiently hard level. The same was seen last year when the team knocked off the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

The 49ers led the game by three points in the final moments of regulation time, but the Chiefs survived the brink of the gap to overtime when Harrison Butker managed to kick a field goal.

The Chiefs got close enough in their last offensive turn and thus the routine performance was enough for Butker, who played brilliantly. At the beginning of the overtime, the 49ers played a long and strong attack that ended with a kick goal.

In the most important moment of the season, the Chiefs responded brilliantly. The offense rolled under Mahomes’ lead to less than ten yards, from which the 28-year-old quarterback threw his third touchdown of the game.

Before this, only one of the 57 Super Bowls in history had gone to overtime.

The start was dominated by the 49ers

The start of the match was the 49ers and the team’s offense clearly had more possession than the Chiefs, as the 49ers had the ball for more than 10 minutes in the opening quarter. The Chiefs offensive shifts ended up short and Mahomes was pressured by the 49ers defense repeatedly.

The Chiefs managed just 16 yards of offense in the entire opening quarter, while the 49ers managed 125 yards. The possession did not materialize into points, but the quarter ended in a 0–0 situation.

In the second quarter, the 49ers continued their strong play. At the beginning of the episode Jake Moody succeeded in a 55-yard field goal. It was the longest field goal ever kicked in a Super Bowl.

The Chiefs’ offense gave small flashes of light as Mahomes threw a 50+ yard touchdown pass To Mecole Hardman before the team lost the ball moments later and the offense went to the 49ers again.

After a fairly calm opening quarter, the second period saw situations that are typical for a big game. An important support man of the 49ers defense Dre Greenlaw injured his achilles tendon and had to leave the match.

Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce remained practically completely blacked out for the entire opening half of the game. The winger’s most telling performance was seen on the side of the field, when he raged at his head coach For Andy Reid. It was unclear what exactly the outburst was about, but the 34-year-old Kelce was visibly disgruntled and furious before his teammate Jerick McKinnon ripped him away from the success coach.

In the video below, published on the message service X, you can see Kelce raging.

Kelce’s rage was also witnessed in the stands by his girlfriend, world music star Taylor Swift, who flew from Japan to the Super Bowl in the middle of her tour.

Swift was repeatedly on television as she reacted to the events of the match. A huge number of videos spread in the messaging service X.

The first touchdown of the game was seen when the speedy San Francisco center forward Christian McCaffrey ran into the end zone at the end of the kick and took his team to a 10–0 lead with his barely 30-yard sprint.

Game was the head coach Kyle Shanahan’s a piece of art, as a winger John Jennings threw a touchdown and not a quarterback Brock Purdy. Purdy threw the ball to Jennings, who found McCaffrey, who has excelled throughout the season, on the other side.

After this, the Chiefs offense continued its more upbeat performances from the opening quarter. During the last four minutes, the offensive equipment, under the leadership of Mahomes, made successful advances and finally the score was opened by Harrison Butker with a kick goal from about 20 yards.

At halftime, San Francisco’s lead was 10–3. The strength of the team’s defense is shown by the fact that Kelce received one throw in the entire opening half and the almost unimaginable one receiving yards accumulated in the statistics.

At halftime, a nostalgia play from pop star Usher

This time, the traditional halftime show was performed by 2000s pop star Usher. From the American artist, you could see a strong potpourri of nostalgia, accompanied by handsome dance moves.

Other stars were also seen on stage during the halftime show. Such a pop superstar performed with Usher Alicia Keys like a rap artist-actor Ludacris. Also a rapper-producer Lil Jon went wild for the audience.

As expected, Usher’s huge hit “Yeah” ended the fun show.

A miserable start to the second half for the Chiefs

The Chiefs were allowed to start the third quarter with their attack, but it started badly for the team. Already a center forward Isiah Pacheco came close to losing the ball in the running game, and moments later Mahomes threw his first interception in his last 218 attempts in the playoffs.

Mahomes finally went after Kelce, but the 49ers cornerback Ji’Ayir Brown intercepted the pass and caught the ball for his team.

Overall, Kansas City’s offense thus far has been, to put it mildly, abysmal for the stakes and demands of the game. On the other side of the coin, the 49ers defense played with admirable discipline against an offensive machine that has been proven for years.

The match progressed smoothly in the third period, during which the Chiefs’ players broke two Super Bowl records. First, Mahomes became the quarterback with the most rushing yards in the playoffs when he totaled 136 yards. Mahomes ran more aggressively than before, when the offense could practically not open anything against the 49ers’ defense.

Moments later, Butker outdid Moody too, when a historic 57-yard kick found its way handsomely into the fork to narrow the score to 6-10.

The 49ers received more bad news in the episode when the winger Deebo Samuel injured the hindquarters. He returned to the game, but from his movements he could see that the powerhouse was no longer in full playing condition.

At the same time, the 49ers’ attack was stifled, as the team did not get any new attempts in its first offensive shifts of the third quarter.

The dramatic moments continued when the Chiefs kicker by Tommy Townsend the volley landed in a lucky spot for his team. The 49ers made a wrong touch in the situation, the play equipment that bounced on the surface of the field became a free ball, which was covered by the Chiefs’ defense.

The 49ers’ possible offensive shift was replaced by the Chiefs’ one, and Mahomes stepped up once again at an important moment. His throw found a winger in the goal area by Marquez Valdes-Scantling and the Chiefs took a 13–10 lead with a touchdown and Butker’s extra point kick.

By the end of the quarter, the 49ers got their offense on track to such an extent that the team was able to continue its offensive turn to the beginning of the final quarter and get new attempts for themselves.

Dramatic failure on extra point attempt

Early in the fourth quarter, young quarterback Purdy found Jauan Jennings with his short throw, who rushed into the end zone. With the touchdown, San Francisco took a 16–13 lead, but the team didn’t get an extra point when Moody’s kick was blocked.

In the end, the block was the Chiefs’ salvation, because on the next offensive shift, the team managed to level with Butker’s three-point kick. The atmosphere intensified when, on the next offensive shift, Moody made a 50-yard field goal to give his team a 19-16 lead with just under two minutes left.

The Chiefs had one more surge in their back pocket. Under the leadership of Mahomes, the team convincingly moved up the field to a good 20 yards. In the end, the team did not succeed in the touchdown, but Butker tied the game with a kick goal a few seconds before the end.

That’s how the game went to overtime, which ultimately brought the Chiefs their third Lombardi Trophy in the last five years.

In the end, Kelce, seething with frustration in the opening half, caught nine throws and ran for 93 yards. Both the highest readings of the match. In the second period, the Mahomes-Kelce radar pair showed its confidence, when Kelce advanced important yards and on the other hand, his movement opened up space for others in the attack.

The superstar duo was once again iron in the most important moments of the season.