Crazy crazy talk! San Marino was asked for mercy, Huuhkajie’s receipt was followed by surprise and complete confusion

Crazy crazy talk San Marino was asked for mercy Huuhkajies

San Marino’s historic goal sent social media into a frenzy. The match against Huuhkaji ended in a confusing way.

It is rare to see a team that has lost a football match celebrate on the field as the final whistle blows, as if it were the last day.

However, this is what happened in the European Championship qualifying match between San Marino and Finland on Monday. Filippo Berardi scored a 1-2 narrow goal for San Marino in the last minute of overtime, and the whole team rushed onto the field to celebrate.

The Huhkaji players, on the other hand, were confused. For the first time in their history, San Marino scored in three consecutive qualifying matches.

– If you had come to the channel and only seen the end without the scoreboard, you probably would have guessed wrong who won the match. A touch of football romance was in the air, Urheilu’s expert Miika Nuutinen said.

– I think it’s extremely beautiful. It was crazy that others celebrate and jump when Finland has won the match, Urheilu’s expert Paulus Arajuuri your comp.

San Marino was an international football association The tail peak of Fifa’s October ranking at number 207. Now, however, the country has waved a net of extortion against Denmark, Kazakhstan and Finland.

Social media has taken all the joy out of San Marino’s achievements. In Viestipalvelu X, the team’s unofficial fan account, which has become a phenomenon in football circles, has gathered more than 130,000 followers. The spending on the account was ridiculous during the Finland match.

The mystery updater’s publications acknowledged their love for Berardi and marveled at the paintball, tinged with swear words.

Even at the beginning of the second episode, the account had a different sound on the clock. Huhkaji’s official account, which by the way has half as many followers as San Marino’s unofficial fan account, took part in social media pranks in honor of the non-stakes game.

Try Soir the first goal was followed by a series of mistakes by the San Marino players. On a fan account, the goal was described as the ugliest ever.

– Everything is calculated, Huuhkajie’s account was credited.

Teemu Pukin the third goal he completed was eventually rejected as offside, but San Marino’s joker already had time to beg Huuhkaj for mercy. It was not granted because of the Finnish tip.

– In Finland, we tend to say “once you’ve started, let’s go”. Sorry!, Huhkajie’s account sent a message by Irwin Goodman quoting the song.

San Marino was left with no points in qualifying, but the goals started to be a success. With the last day of play left in three groups, San Marino have scored more goals than Gibraltar, Malta, the Faroe Islands, Estonia or Liechtenstein.