Crazy bug in CoD MW2 lets players fly – “Gimmicks like this make the game more fun”

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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, players are now able to fly through a crazy bug and the community is divided on whether it’s funny or unfair.

The latest part of Call of Duty is called Modern Warfare 2 and has been on the market since October 2022. Since then, the game has struggled with a number of technical problems and bugs. But not all of these are viewed as completely negative by players – some actually find CoD fans funny.

This included a bug that shot players into the air and has now been fixed. With it, players could perform beautiful trick shots. The new bug also lets players fly, but this time much more controlled.

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What is this bug? In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 you can take a recon drone with you as field equipment. You can control this drone remotely and fly it through the map to collect important information.

Already at the end of December, players discovered that the Killstreak “Automatic Gun” can be placed on the drone. It’s a fun gimmick, but not particularly strong. The VTOL jet is available with just one kill and does almost the same thing as the flying gun – only better and without the need for the drone.

But, as live service gamers tend to do, they have now found another way to use the drone: A clip shared on Twitter on January 4th shows a player flying over the map while standing on the drone . He hits his opponents with a sniper rifle.

Below we embed the crazy video of the flying sniper for you:

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“I wouldn’t even be angry if I encountered that”

What are the players saying about the glitch? While exploiting the bug is obviously an unfair advantage and shouldn’t be done, reactions to the video aren’t entirely negative. Some players even find the bug kind of funny.

For example, the player Cirsie1 says on Twitter: “[…] Gimmicks like this make the game funnier and more entertaining.” and earns over 200 likes for it.

Twitter user WET_Rook even says he would find an in-game death from this exploit entertaining: “I wouldn’t even be angry if I encountered that, I’d rather feel entertained (via Twitter).”

In general, however, there are many players who are critical of the bug and view it unfairly. You face those who simply find the video amusing. Twitter user “itheparrott” sums up the sentiment aptly:

Man, everything in the comments seems so two sided. One side hates that he cheats. I agree, he’s not using an intended mechanic or feature, he’s exploiting a bug. But at the same time, this seems damn funny and I can’t hate anyone for trying.

itheparrott via Twitter

Ultimately, it’s a glitch and should be treated as such. The creator of the video also posted it on Twitter stating that he was shadowbanned.

It works a lot better if you stick to the options provided by the game to have fun with CoD MW2. MeinMMO editor Maik Schneider, for example, is still enthusiastic about the inflatable soldier, which he affectionately calls “buddy bubble”, even months after the release of the shooter.

My best friend in CoD MW2 is the inflatable soldier – why would anyone use anything else?